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Youths, Black Pride and Racism

Had to share some quick thoughts …I was having a discussion recently about the decaying morals within our society. How some young people in our society today have a total lack of respect for themselves, which is reflected in the way they speak to each other and dress. We also discussed their lack of respect for authority and the educational system .

I was told “you must understand that blacks have been brainwashed and don’t know any better.They have been bombarded with racism all their lives and some of them were not taught properly and/or they are a product of young parents….sometimes brought up by a young mother, as daddy is long gone .” In other words children having children.

However I reflected on the conversation and I thought to myself weren’t blacks having kids at a young age for decades (even centuries) before and during the civil rights era? Why have they not emulated the youths of this era? Remember the Harlem Renaissance, where blacks took pride in how they spoke and dressed? Why do so many of our young men continue to wear saggy pants , curse and not properly groom themselves? Women why are we constantly showing these young men all our “goodies?” You can still be sexy without showing everything!

Now don’t get me wrong I have natural hair and love my funky natural styles.However, we need to value ourselves more and hold our head up with the pride that was passed down from our forefathers.

Another thing that continues to puzzle me is why a black person is considered “acting white,” if they speak properly and dress appropriately(less revealing outfits, but still trendy)? Don’t we want to speak and communicate effectively with our peers? Don’t we want to look good when we are having a day/evening on the town? The question is do you WANT to look CLASSY or TRASHY?

This is definitely a topic I will revisit ,but please understand that I am not trying to downplay in anyway the brutality/ callousness of racism or the actions that come with it. I am not in anyway ridiculing or making fun of anyone’s dressing or hairstyle. Nor am I trying to ignore or be nonchalant in the fact that many unnecessary lives were lost so we can have more freedom today. I just want to touch on a topic that is never ending and always controversial. Even now the lines are becoming blurred, because some whites are also wearing the saggy pants.

The sad part is many of us are still mentally chained and in emotional bondage. A change must came and will come.One day we will break free of the dogmatic entrapments that facilitates the continuance of this disfranchised infrastructure called our modern day society. Until next time… Life and Love. Guidance and Blessings !

Educationally yours,


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