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Are you a Peacemaker or a Peacekeeper?

Peacemaker: An individual who creates peace, through conflict resolution. Their goal is to unify individuals based on a common goal or vision.  Peacekeeper: An individual who maintains peace by avoiding conflict and does not  make any attempt to resolve the issue. 

A recent event,had me reflecting on the importance of promoting peace/joy amongst our fellow man. True humilty and love should be our ultimate goal as followers of Christ, and we must always strive to be a peacemaker, instead of a peacekeeper. No matter the sacrifice, we should be an example of Christ’s love that is within us. 

As followers of Christ you should:

  1. Be able to show grace and mercy to others (operate in peace and love). 

  2. Be an advocate for truth and fairness 

  3. Encourage unity and reconciliation/resolution 

  4. Exhibit the Fruits of the Spirit (see Bible Passages)  

  5. Be willing to listen to all sides and share your wisdom. 

Reflecting on our actions,will help us to determine how we may have contributed to the conflict.Instead of taking sides, use discernment to promote a peaceful solution, as reconciliation should be the goal. It is important to respect all views and allow a safe space for individuals to share their concerns.Treat others with respect, and operate out of humility, honesty, and love.

Pearls of Wisdom: True power is not measured by your success, position or material possessions. It is in your ability to empower others and be an advocate for change in your community and the world. 

Bible Passages: Matthew 5:5-12 , Galations 5: 22-23

Tameka Williams aka Coach Tami, CMLC Master Life Coach/ Counselor 

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