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What is Failure?


Have you ever reflected on the sometimes tumultuous ride called your life ? Have you sometime wondered, did I make the right choice/decision? Should I have done things differently? Many times we swallow the bitter pill of despair, resentment and anger. We sometimes even put the blame on the person closest to us,not taking responsibility for our contribution to the mess.

I have felt that way many times. You feel overwhelmed, things are not going as planned, you get thrown “curveballs”that were unexpected, you feel like you are a failure, that you have let everybody down, that counted on you. However, you need to change the meaning of failure. Make it stand for something uplifting and positive!

Embrace change and the discomfort it may bring sometimes, because at the end of the day, it will make you stronger. What is your positive acronym for failure? Take the challenge and see where it takes you! I have listed my take on failure, will you? Until my next blog, love and give with a smile. It is what heals the wounds of this damaged world and it starts with YOU! My “failure”challenge: F-Faith A-Achievements I-Inspiration L-Love U-Uplift R-Restoration E-Edification

My explanation? Without faith, you cannot realize your goals and achievements in life. It entails believing in something that maybe NO ONE else believes in. You must be inspired/motivated to take that faith walk NO matter what. Everything you do, must be done in love and you must always strive to become personally uplifted, as well as to uplift others. Every bitter lesson is an opportunity for learning, for edification, for restoration, for sharing life lessons with others in a positive way. So BE the change, MAKE a change, LIVE the change.

Educationally yours,


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