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Can we get over our past mistakes?

I had the privilege of meeting many people during my walk in this unpredictable journey called life. I remember I have met a few who have written memoirs about the dysfunctional family they grew up in, the drugs they experimented with, the abuse they did to their bodies , the horrific relationships they were in, the abortions they did and the legal troubles they got into. Many have not written books but they have experienced rape, rejection and abandonment. With that said we wonder, how to we get over our past mistakes, our hurts and our pains? Actually your past is not something you can erase and just forget it never happened. You see the record has already been played.

Many of us search our souls for the right solution,for ways to forget or dull the pain. We continue to drown our sorrows in liquor, women/men(sexual promiscuity), drugs,partying ,excessive spending ,shallow and inconsequential relationships. You see we all need love or if we cannot get love , we dull our senses so we do not have to feel anything. If you don’t feel any emotions, then you cannot hurt right? Wrong. You see the pain eventually comes back like a drug that wears off, so you become an addict…Having to “shoot up” to get your life’s high….”shoot up”to get that watered down replica of joy and peace that you seek.

But no matter what you do …there are those quiet times when the darkness of your past seeps through the curtains of fake contentment that you continuously wrap yourself in. It is time to reveal the nakedness of your past hurts and pains. It is time to start the healing process and it begins with acceptance.

Don’t hide behind clouds of doubts and insecurity..accept your past , that is when you have started the healing process. After acceptance, learn to forgive yourself.Now forgiving yourself and acceptance , does not mean that you absolve yourself of the part you played in the mistakes.However you are learning to come to terms with how it has affected your current life and learning how to eliminate negativity.

Healing yourself is never easy, many seek the help of psychologists, psychiatrists,counselors, family members or friends, However the greatest one to turn to ( my opinion, my beliefs) is my almighty father. God can restore stability to instability, wash away all the mess from your pass and clean you up so you are sparkling new! Give it a try , I know you will love the peace and joy that surpasses all understanding!

No matter what avenue you seek help from, you have to learn to love yourself. Look in the mirror at that beautiful person staring back at you. See, I told you ! Aren’t you just the finest thing? Love on yourself some more.How can you give your heart to another , if you have not fallen in love with you?

As always, I hope I have encouraged someone today. Remember we are soul changers. Always. Peace and love!

Educationally yours


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