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What happened to Teamwork?

My definition of teamwork refers to the ability to work in a respectable, productive and efficient manner with people , no matter their status, cultural affiliations, gender or race ,towards a common goal or vision. It incorporates the elimination of negativity, jealousy, “badmindness,” selfishness and pettiness.

Too often I have seen where people lie, deceive and participate in underhanded activities to make themselves look better at the expense of others. It happens in every race, but many would say the black race tends to be the most adept at this type of strategy. Is it true? Well,most of us can only use our personal experiences to answer that question.

Instead of helping each other , we step on each other and push each other off the ladder of success. This “crab in a bucket” mentality only fuels the discord within the work environment. A discord that filters into our society. You see,we develop distrust for everyone, because one does not know who has your back/your best interest at heart.

You eat with them, they smile/laugh with you, work with you on projects and share intimate stories with you about their lives. However, beneath their facade of fake commandrie, they are snakes slithering through their pool of deceit, lies and silicone fakeness, waiting to pounce at the first opportunity they can get.

Then there is the materialistic mentality,which has been encouraged by the bombardment of ads in the media and magazines …The mark of success is not necessarily based on your character, your work ethics, your integrity and/or how great a team player you are. It is measured by where you live, how your bank account looks, the car you drive and the job you have. Most times you are considered “successful” without being a person of good character. You can be “successful,” by lying, deceiving and stepping on some heads on the way up. By any means necessary right?

If you think this mentality is wrong, be the change that our society needs. Encourage someone on your team, be a mentor and let them know that you are there for them.

Be an encourager, not a discourager.

TEAM..Together Everyone Achieves their Mission

Educationally yours,


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