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Transitions 2014

Introduction Well I am so glad to be back! I took a MAJOR 2 year hiatus to work on some additional projects, but I so missed blogging with you all! Lol! I have gotten many requests to start blogging again here we go. There will be some new changes to my blogs…interviews…pictures and travel/social news. I hope you will enjoy my new revamped blog! Please be patient and stay tuned as this is a work in progress.

My reflection for today July 24th,2014 Someone said that we all go through transitions in life. It could be a new job, relationship, a personal resolution, or a new emotional mindset (maybe we have decided to change the way we do things).Whatever it is, we must stay steadfast and unmovable in our decisions. There will always be naysayers and there will always be people who do not understand or want to understand your vision. That is ok! I have gone through many phases/translations myself and sometimes we are plummeted into these roller coaster twists and turns through this very thing called LIFE…It changes us, moves us, shapes us or breaks us . Whatever you are going through today remember, this too shall pass!

So brace yourself for the effervescence , fresh and revitalizing change that is coming. Continue to remain positive and upbeat, confident in your magnificence and capability as a participant in this journey of life. Give praises for surviving what you have been through and overcoming what you are now going through! Give thanks for the guidance and wisdom needed to help you navigate through the winding road ahead call LIFE. Surround yourself with positivity, because positivity is beautiful in its simplicity. Good friends and family are priceless..They counteract the dark times and add light to your soul. Be encouraged. Today is a new day so seize the moment!

Let’s be our own soul changers.

Respectfully yours,


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