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Surviving Hurricane Irma

Irma recently devastated parts of Florida, left many without light or water and forced many of us to reflect on our lives.When you are locked up in a house that is totally shuttered up, unable to see outside,you begin to reflect on your past, present and future. You look on family, friends and associates in a more intimate fashion.

Hurricane Irma was that pause button that many of us needed in our movie of life.

I took a long hard look on myself(my life),reflected on the the people I no longer interact with or call friends and the strategic changes I have made. Many people tend to say “the friends I have lost,” but I feel some were never friends to begin with and it is a reality we must face. On the other hand I was again reminded of the awesome friends and family I have, as well as how blessed I am that I was able to help others in need. I experienced a gauntlet of emotions during this storm as I counseled and prayed for many. I laughed, I cried,I was happy or was upset, but through it all I simply appreciated life and all that is has to offer.

Life is a tumultuous ride filled with highs and lows. You will make mistakes, some bad decisions and trust the wrong people, but life lessons are what defines us, gives us character and shapes the person we become.

So embrace change, appreciate challenges and celebrate all your achievements…you deserve it.

Do not look on obstacles and challenges as daunting, but appreciate it for the training it will provide for your unchartered road of life. Never be afraid to love hard, laugh hard, cry hard, but more importantly grab that saddle and ride the heck out of life for all she is worth. After all, you are an overcomer.

2 Timothy 1:7 (NKJV) states “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

Tameka A. Williams,

Your Empowerment Coach

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