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Summer where did you go?

While many of us are reminiscing on the lost , lazy days of summer and agonizing over the dose of reality that is back to school. Two groups that some of them are not ready to face the system yet, are teachers and students…Yes , we want another month,week,day, hour or minute! We will take whatever we can get. On the other hand , many of us were still on the grind during the summer, just trying to pay the bills, make sure that food was in the house and still doing those budget road trips. Yes the ones where you calculate gas and mileage, pack those sandwiches and juices, making sure to tell the kids “listen, we are not stopping anywhere! You have juice, sandwiches and snacks, so you better make this work until we reach Orlando( or wherever you choose to go)!”Now summer is over and we wonder where did it go?

Now the rain did not help in making this summer unforgettable, it actually felt redundant with how the weather was behaving. Teasing us with her smile full of sunshine, then jolting us with her unpredictable tears. Yes it was a match made in heaven between us and Ms. Weather! Is that the sarcasm of my thoughts coming through? Oops..My apologies! However we must always be grateful for life and the ability to enjoy friends and family.

As we embark on another journey for this new school year, let’s be mindful of what we are imparting to our youths. Are we being the best parents we can be? Are we instilling the right values and morals in our children? Are we teaching them to be better citizens, to be more productive members of the society that they live in? Are we teaching them to value education and it’s importance in helping them achieving their God given destiny? Also as parents are we setting a good example for our children? Let’s not say one thing and do another. Let us stop using the term ” Do as I say, not what I do.” Remember, we are soul changers. Be the change that you want to see. Do not be a part of the problem, be a part of the solution. Until my next talk, peace and love!

Educationally yours,


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