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Organizing My Life : Removing Clutter From My Home

So you are sinking under a mountain of paperwork and you feel overwhelmed with everything that you have to do. You have now found that clutter free quiet spot from our last blog, but what about the rest of the house? While not everybody deals with a lot of clutter in their home, there are some who struggle everyday with keeping their home organized. So what will you need to start the process of  getting rid of clutter from your home?

Materials that you will need: 

  1. 3 containers labeled shred, keep and undecided.

  2. Large garbage bags

  3. A shredder 

  4. A jumbo container (for all the paper work  that needs to be sorted) 

  5. An expandable folder, for your important documents 

Before you start the process of getting a clutter free home, you need to commit to a few hours at least every week to start organizing your paper work.


  1. Shred any items that are older than 5 years, unless they are important documents you need to keep(house documents etc.)

  2. Set up an area where you have all your required materials in one place.

Get help. Even though the ultimate decision is in your hands (to shred or not to shred), more hands will make the work lighter.

Set a reasonable timeline for completion. This creates accountabiity.  


  1. After sorting your items into different bins, begin the process by disposing of the paper in your shred bin.

  2. Recheck the items in your  undecided bin. Shred what you do not want.

  3. If there are still items in your undecided bin, leave it for another time.

  4. Dispose of your shredded items in your garbage bag.

  5. Repeat process #1-4 as needed.

Final Thoughts: Make sure to sort out your paperwork in small piles at a time, so you will not feel overwhelmed. This is just a start, but with consistency you will start to see a reduction in your paper clutter. However to avoid  your paperwork piling up again, you must make a concentrated effort to organize your paperwork at least weekly. 

What’s next? Getting your children and spouse to help ! Stay tuned for our next blog.

Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved. Tameka Williams

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