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Organizing My Life: My Quiet Space

I  wanted to start the “Organizing My Life” Series in 2017 ,for individuals who struggle with keeping it all together. However, I felt the need to start this series a few days before 2017, to get everybody ready for our New Years Challenge.  It is never an easy process juggling the different elements contained within life, but whether you like it or not, it all has to get done. There are many factors involved in getting your life organized, such as dealing with work, business, a family and your spirituality . However with effective planning and organization, positive progress can be made.

Organization is the key  ingredient in being productive and achieving your goals. 

So do you have a quiet spot in your home?  For some people this entails a  simple desk and chair, a  work station or a study corner/nook. The point is that we all need that one area in our home that is clutter free and conducive to learning or working. Let us start 2017 by identifying a quiet area ,where our ideas, thoughts and learning roam free in unadulterated bliss. So what will you need to set up a quiet spot at home? Lets start with the basics:

  1. A desk or table

  2. Good lighting (or a desk lamp)

  3. A desk or wall calendar

  4. A comfortable chair

  5. Pencil/Pen holder or substitute

  6. A calculator

  7. A small writing pad

  8. Pens/pencils and paperclips

As you get more comfortable with your quiet space, you can add additional items as needed. To start  organizing your life, you need to have an area where you  can plan the strategies you will need to implement, so you can realize your goals for 2017.

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