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Living Your Life Right

Bible and cross of thorns

If your life is right, the enemy can only try…. 

I remember looking at a video clip that was shared by a church brother of mine, that had this heading and I thought “what is an example of living my life right?” As human beings we are susceptible to making mistakes and many times our fleshly cravings overshadows our spiritual life. We become distracted, disillusioned and lured into a false sense of contentment.

However, true happiness is not the money, the friends, the job, the spouse and/or the kids. Sometimes it’s not even the extensive “charity/community” work that you do, to try and either impress the world or fool yourself into thinking “I am living my life right.”

Living your life right is about LOVE and having a relationship with God. It is about unselfish AGAPE love that is unconditional and does not set boundaries. Living your life right is about having God intertwined into every decision you make, knowing how to trust him implicitly, no matter the storm raging around you.

Living your life right is living in and by the word. The enemy can only try, but you are more than a conqueror through Christ.

In love,


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