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Get Rid of Emotional Dead Weight


I was driving on the road, AC off and my moon roof open. I could see the stars and the moon, the gentle breeze was blowing on my face as I listened to the tantalizing sounds of Latin music. The drums and the beat permeated my ears, captivated my soul and I felt at peace….

I had just finished an event where I did an activity, in which  I had to write down  something I had not fully let go off and I remembered writing past hurt & betrayals.  Had it not been for God, I would have been a broken shell of myself, as I had experienced betrayals from individuals that affected me emotionally, spiritually and financially.

I realized at this event that while I was on a path to healing, there was still a lot of hurt in me. It was harder to get past these betrayals in comparison to the many other things I had endured and I realized that I had lost some of my faith in humanity. What a reality check that was. So I prayed….

It was at that very moment where the sounds of the music, the breeze in my face and the stars fused together to create one single thought in my head…I.Am.Free. I felt a burden lift off my shoulders and I just knew that ” no weapon formed against me shall prosper…” I knew that my time had come and I would be at peace. Right here. Right now. So I let go of the toxic emotional baggage that was poisoning my soul and welcomed the refreshing calm of peace that passeth all understanding. 

Never let toxic people or situations  steal your joy, your smile or your peace, unless you will become a broken, miserable, angry, bitter empty shell of yourself. Pray for them, as they are so wrapped up in their misery that they continue to be unhappy and unfulfilled. I am glad these individuals are no longer in my life, as they did not deserve to be a part of my inner circle.Walk in your greatness and let old hurts go, as they will only destroy you and your God given destiny.

Reference Passage: 17 No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn…… Isaiah 54:17(NKJV) 


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