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Are you ready for college and beyond?

Lately social media has been bombarded with so many prom pictures from various high schools; the cars, the outfits and the hairstyles. While I believe that your prom is a memorable time in your life, I wonder if the students or parents are thinking about life after highschool? Now this does not apply to everyone, but to the individuals who have not encouraged their children to strive for academic greatness and/or establish a viable career path towards financial stability. This applies to the parents who have not explained that it’s not always about the “bling,”but you must always have a plan, a goal. Parents , we need to ask our child(ren), where do they see themselves in the next 5-10 years?

While It might be too late to improve GPA grades for seniors who have graduated, let us start to focus on our children that are left in the high school system.From grades 9-12, keep in constant contact with your child’s counselors, monitor your child’s progress reports, their report cards and attend PTA meetings . Do you know that you can set up an alert that tells you when your child is absent or is failing a class(or if his grades falls below a certain letter)?Observe and listen to your child when they speak with you…it makes the difference. When your child’s feels that they are able to talk with you, it creates an unbreakable bond that gives them added support when they need it the most.

While we are not perfect, let us always strive to be greater/better parents. Encourage and motivate a child today , even if they are not yours, as it takes all of us working together to make a difference. Let our children fall in love with learning again, let us encourage them to strive for greatness and motivate them to want the best that life has to offer spiritually,physically,emotionally , as well as financially . One love.

Educationally yours,


P.S. Just to let you know ,I did love how beautiful these prom couples were! Awesome outfits, awesome pictures.

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